Six generations of the Bonfils family have devoted their life to winegrowing. From Algeria to Languedoc via Roussillon, three generations currently work hand in hand.

As a maker of wines and emotions, our family has passed the spirit of the land down through six generations. Our characterful chateaux offer a fusion of vineyards and refined hospitality so that you can discover our outstanding vineyard sites during a vinous getaway as you journey across the South of France.

France’s largest independent wine producers, with 1,600 hectares under vine, we preserve the individual integrity of our areas of outstanding natural beauty.

One family, one passion

 “As a lover of Languedoc’s vineyards and wine, I was well aware of their potential and chose to settle among the region’s rolling hills. We put our faith in its authenticity and now, sixty years later, I am proud that this love has become a family tradition”. 
Jean-Michel Bonfils

Jean-Michel’s sons Olivier, Laurent and Jérôme, continue to build on his legacy and in turn have brought their own children, the sixth generation, into the fold. The like-minded spirit from one generation to another brings them together and each family member is passionate about sharing the experience and insight they have gained. They strive to reveal site expressiveness, draw the blood of the earth and produce wines with a strong personality.

Winegrowers first and foremost

With each new acquisition, the Bonfils family demonstrates its expertise as winegrowers. Each estate is carefully scrutinised – its location, the soils and the impact of the elements such as the sunshine, wind and temperatures – so that each vineyard site can fully achieve its potential. They have no qualms about uprooting vines and planting different grape varieties, like at Domaine de Cibadiès where Chardonnay and Pinot noir show incredible expression.

This expertise has enabled them to ratchet up their progress in developing vineyards. Château Capitoul, which was acquired in 2011, is a perfect illustration of how they have successfully enhanced sense of place. In 2015, La Clape became the first appellation within the AOC Languedoc category to secure recognition as a stand-alone appellation for its red and white wines.

Respecting the environment, protecting vineyards

All Vignobles Bonfils estates are certified HVE (High Environmental Value).

Each chateau is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Both respected and protected, our vineyards are ensconced in the garrigue. Château L’Esparrou, which is classified as a Natura 2000 protection area, boasts over 200 different species of oak. At Château Capitoul, every aspect of the project to transform it into a wine tourism venue was carefully studied so as to protect and enhance its natural environment along with its architectural and social heritage.

Journey to the heart of the Occitan wine region

“Beneath the walls of the collegiate church of Saint-Étienne in Capestang or the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees, along the banks of the Canal du Midi or the historic Minervoise road, the Bonfils family knows full well that this region is first and foremost a haven for those seeking refuge. It should know”. 
Jean-Charles Chapuzet - Terre de Vins - N°63 - January February 2020

Every time it has bought more vineyards, the Bonfils family has made a pledge to keep the buildings. These authentic estates and chateaux now provide superb wine tourism establishments.

“The chateau is a vineyard’s backdrop.” 
Laurent Bonfils