Château Millegrand

Vineyard sites crafted by sacred hands


Château Millegrand is one of the largest wine estates in Languedoc. It runs alongside the Canal du Midi, listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, in Trèbes, Aude. The property was donated to Lagrasse Abbey in the 12th century and was subsequently owned by the clergy. In 2003, the chateau became the property of the Bonfils family after it had reached an agreement with the bishopric of Carcassonne.

Soil types
Area under wine
235,52 ha
Acquisition date


AOP Minervois

The climate here is Mediterranean-dominant with Atlantic influences in the western part (Clamoux and Côtes Noires). Winters can be quite harsh on the limestone plateau located 300 m above sea level.

A series of terraces home to pebbles, sandstone, schist or limestone. The terraces alternate with areas of limestone marl and sandstone. To the north-west, near Caunes-Minervois, veins of schist and pink marble are a distinctive feature of the landscape. The high altitude area is formed of limestone plateaux.